As690ip DUO

If you needing a 2 Phone VoIP and or Landline Phone System, that is versatile and of great quality then Gigaset AS690IP DUO Bundle is the solution for you. This DUO system comes with 2 telephone handsets with desktop chargers and a separate standalone base station. The Gigaset AS690IP DUO is the flexible and convenient VoIP and fixed line phone with additional online information services and parallel calls.

Features when operating multiple handsets:
– 2 VoIP and 1 fixed network call can be conducted in parallel, as well as an internal call and access to the answering machine
– Free internal calls between handsets (intercom facility)
– Telephone book transfer between handsets
– Call forwarding to a different handset with dialling/call-back function
– 3-way conference (1 external and 2 internal party)
– 2 calls simultaneously (with 3 handsets, 1 external, 1 internal)
– 3 party conference (1 external / 2 internal participant) via internal recall or barge in
– Ringing assigned to all or selected handsets for internal calls
– Call all or selected internal devices
– Simultaneous ringing of all handsets for external calls
– Transferring of incoming calls between handsets
– Internal transfer of external calls to another handset with prior consultation call
– Assign SIP accounts individually to handsets (send and receive direction specifically)

On the Gigaset AS690IP DUO Bundle, you have the choice of either VoIP or Landline calls to suit your needs. Enjoy the convenience and flexibility of making up to 3 parallel calls. The hands free talking function allows you to multitask with ease. All VoIP calls reach you in exceptional HD sound1 with HDSP technology. The connection to the Internet allows you to access basic online information services such as the weather forecast, email notification or RSS feeds via the Gigaset A540 IP.

Multi-line calling:
The Gigaset AS690IP DUO is an exceptionally versatile phone with the ability to make up to 3 parallel calls either through the internet or via the traditional landline. Switch between 2 VoIP calls and 1 fixed line call at the press of a button. You can experience the convenience of multi-line calling by registering up to 6 handsets. Just pick your favourite ones among the available portfolio of 6 compatible Gigaset handsets. With your Gigaset A540 IP, you can also choose up to 6 SIP accounts from different providers

Exceptional HD voice sound quality:
All VoIP calls are delivered in exceptional HD voice sound. No hissing, no distortion – nothing but excellent voice clarity and exceptional sound. You can communicate comfortably and catch every detail. Even if you are completing other tasks, you can still experience the HD voice sound using the hands-free talking function of the Gigaset AS690IP DUO

Online information services:
One of the major benefits of the Gigaset AS690IP DUO is the access to free online information services such as the weather forecast, email notification or RSS feeds from your favorite websites right onto your handset via the screensaver – even with your PC turned off. You can also access an online phonebook search directly via your Gigaset AS690IP DUO handsets. That means you can quickly find any number you need and dial straight away

ECO DECT: Pure energy savings and radiation-free:
The energy-saving power supply of the Gigaset AS690IP DUO consumes less electricity, so it’s kinder to the environment, and kinder to your wallet. Like all Gigaset cordless phones, it variably reduces the transmitting power from the handset to base station depending on their distance apart. You can also reduce the transmitting power of the AS690IP DUO base station by 80%; simply by selecting the ECO Mode. Furthermore, radiation-free3 ECO Mode Plus turns off the transmitting power when the phone is in standby

Specifications: Gigaset AS690IP DUO – Technical Specifications

Audio quality:
– Excellent audio performance: handset complies with CAT-iq 2.0 audio requirements (HD Voice)
– Handsfree talking on the handset in best sound quality
– Adjustable volume of handset sound (5 levels)
– Two sound profiles for optimal hearing
– Ringer melody output in handset via handsfree speaker
– Ringer melodies with adjustable volume setting (5 levels)
– Advisory tone for key confirmation, low battery, charging contact and when reaching the limit of the base station range
– Hearing aid compatible

Telephone book and dialing functions:
– Telephone book for up to 150 names and numbers with VIP setting
– Large font in dial mode for improved readability
– Dial preparation (input of phone number before the actual dialing procedure) with correction option
– Redial of the last 10 different numbers
– Programmable speed dial shortcut keys (keys 2 — 9)
– Dialing procedure: Dual-tone multi-frequency dialing (DTMF), pulse dialing (DP)
– Dialing key
– Phonebook transfer between handsets or to a CATiq base station

– Illuminated black and white graphic display
– 34 x 37 mm (H x W), 5.1 cm / 2″ (diagonal), 96 x 64 pixel
– Display illumination: white

In standby mode:
– Display of date and time
– Display of field strength and battery charge status
– Display keys for fast selection of functions
– During a call: Display of call duration

Call display and signaling: Call display with number or name (CLIP / CNIP):
– For incoming and missed calls
– Optical indication of call in display and via flashing handsfree key
Adjustable ringtones:
– 25 melodies in handset
– 5 adjustable volume levels / OFF
Individual ringtones for external, internal, VIP-calls and alarm clock
Call block function for up to 32 numbers:
– Locally in the handset for CATiq- and GAP-System
– Easy transfer of an incoming number to call block list
Anonymous call suppression: Calls without CLIP number are only indicated visually
Day / night mode: Timed ringtone deactivation on handset, with the exception of VIP contacts

Display of missed calls / caller list:
– Display and flashing message key indicate missed calls and provide convenient access to message list
– Direct dialing out of missed calls list
– List of the last 25 missed calls with number / name and time

Ergonomic keypad made of high quality material (metal dome technology)
– Easy handling due to large keys
– 12 numeric keys and 2 soft keys Soft key on right hand side individually programmable
– 4-way navigation key
– Illuminated keypad and navigation area: amber-coloured
– Illuminated pick up / hands free key (green LED)
– Illuminated ‘‘hang-up’’- / message key (red LED)
– Keypad protection on/off through #-key
– Ringer tone on/off through *-key
– Dialing key (programmable flash times)

Additional functions:
– Plug & Play – very easy installation: unpack, plug in, and call (handset registered ex works)
– Alarm clock feature with adjustable melody and snooze function
– Baby monitor (baby alarm) with intercom function: to an external device, such as a mobile telephone or to an internal device, such as an additional handset
– Settings, telephone book, caller list, date and time function are protected against power failure

Dimensions / Specs for AS690IP DUO
– Standby: up to 180 hours
– Talk time: up to 12 hours
– Batteries: 4 x AAA (NiMH), rechargeable
– Charging time: approx. 4,5 hours in base station
– Range: in buildings: up to 50 m, outdoors: up to 300 m
– Dimensions: 155 x 49 x 28 mm (H x W x D)
– Weight: approx. 119 g (incl. batteries)

– Power supply: 230 V plug-in power adaptor
– Dimensions: 38 x 70 x 77 mm (H x W x D)
– Weight: 36 g
– Charger suited for wall mounting

What’s in the box
– 1x Base station Gigaset
– 2x Handset Gigaset A690H
– 3x Plug-in power adapters for base station and
– Charger
– 1x Telephone connecting cable
– 1x Ethernet cable
– 4x AAA NiMH rechargeable batteries
– 2x Battery compartment cover
– 1x Quick Start leaflet
– 1x operating instructions

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